Realistic Topwater Fishing Lures

Highly Realistic Killer Frog Fishing Lures
Pike Fishing with Killer Frog Lures
Large Mouth Bass catch with Killer Frog lure.
Killer Frog Fishing Lures are hand carved to represent real life frog species

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The home of highly realistic high quality handmade topwater fishing lures since 2006. Look out for Killer Frog Lures are causing havoc on a waters surface near you now!

Killer Frog Lures are now used successfully by anglers, both  pro and novice all over the world targeting fish species including Snakehead in Thailand and the USA, Northern Pike in Sweden, France, UK, Russia and Germany. Muskellunge in Alaska and Canada, Bass in Spain, Italy and Korea, Hampala barb in Malaysia, Peacock bass in Brazil and Barramundi in Australia. Check our fish catches gallery for photos kindly sent by some of our customers.

Topwater fishing is exciting but with Killer Frogs its also a pleasure. Aero/Hydrodynamic shape and balanced weights make for long and accurate casting.

All Killer Frog Lures come with custom Weed Guard which gives a high level of protection in the most snaggy areas. This allows casting with confidence again and again into the tightest spots where the big ones like to hang out. See tips on how to fish Killer Frog Lures.

All our Killer Frog baits are made from handcrafted carved originals, based on real-life species.  Every lure is individually hand painted with Non-Toxic paints and lacquers. See patterns index.

Built to last! All models come equipped with VMC or OWNER double weedless hooks as standard. Hooks are dressed with rubber fan skirt tails which pulse and move in the water like frogs legs. Some models have a size balanced buzz bait blade attachment which vibrates and churns on topwater like a dinner bell to predatory fish looking out for a bite.

any doubts, hold on tight to your tackle, put your best casting hat on and get ready for booming strikes and rod bending topwater fishing action with Killer Frog Lures. More info…view products page

Pictures of Killer Frog Realistic handcrafted fishing lures
Killer Frog Lures always Catch and Release

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