Original Killer Frog Highly realistic buzzbait surface fishing lure 10g 5cm #1 Fire Tiger


Highly realistic frog bait topwater fish catcher.

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Original Killer Frog. Is a topwater slow sinking lure so when retrieved steadily it will cruise on the surface creating a splashing action and when paused sinks slowly imitating a frog diving under the water. Each lure is individually hand painted, comes with double hooks, weed guard, rubber skirt tails and 3.5cm Buzzer blade attachment.

Use as a buzz bait over sunken weedbeds or tree trunks for exciting topwater takes from lurking lunkers or fish as a frog bait over lily pads and drop in ready for explosions from the water surface.

Recommended fishing actions:
– Steady retrieve
– Steady retrieve with pause
– Twitch with pause

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Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 cm