4 X Original XL Killer Frog Buzzbait Fishing Lures 17.5g 6.5cm Floating Loud Rattling


Extra Vale set – Highly realistic frog bait topwater fish catcher.

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Original Killer Frog X-LARGE Set:

1 x GREEN STRIPE Killer Frog XLarge 17.5g 6.5cm.
1 x FIRE TIGER Killer Frog XLarge 17.5g 6.5cm.
1 x ORANGE CRUSH Killer Frog XLarge 17.5g 6.5cm.
1 x YELLOW FEVER Killer Frog XLarge 17.5g 6.5cm.

Floating and loud rattling lure. Very long casting and perfect balance in the water. Individually hand painted, comes with weedless double hooks, rubber skirt tails. Great to use as a buzz bait over weedbeds or tree trunks for exciting topwater takes from lurking lunkers or ‘walk the frog’ over lily pads and drop in ready for explosions from the water surface.

Recommended fishing actions:
– Steady retrieve
– Steady retrieve with pause
– Steady retrieve with jerk / pop
– Twitch with pause
– Fast retrieve with twitch

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